Easter Eggs
Montage of software Easter eggs from Excel, Android, Google Search and Chrome.
Barthes’ Pillow
Circular, red glow coming from the top-right area of a pillow that a man is sleeping on.
3D Pattern Lock
Person hovering their finger over a smartphone screen, which is displaying layered grids of dots.
Cross-Car Games
Virtual hand displayed on a full window heads-up-display in a car, throwing a virtual dodgeball at the car in front.
Part of an “Automatics” dynamic fabrication manual, showing a component being animated on to an assembly.
Haunted UI
Animatronic, plush taxidermy moose head moving its antlers.
Inukshuk Robot
Short, metal, autonomous robot called “Inukshuk”
Origami flapping crane.
Visualization of the digits of the number pi while it is approximated.